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About us

Evergreen Gardeners  is a garden services company that provides excellent standards of work and service to the gardening world and provides customers with wonderful gardens and a fantastic experience.


We deliver expert advice and deliver high quality services to both corporate and domestic customers.  We pride ourselves on our ability to listen to our customers and to exceed their expectations.


Our experienced staff deliver a high quality of customer service and we believe that our ability to provide customers with the highest levels of service and care is as important as the technical and physical work we do.


Our team consists of full time, part time and consultant staff who are experts in their respective fields.  We thoroughly plan our work to ensure that nothing is left to chance and we keep our promise of when a job will be started and completed.

Our Services



  • Garden design

  • Plant supply and advice

  • Planting & watering

  • Pruning & weeding

  • General garden maintenance

  • Jet washing & leaf blowing

  • Green waste disposal


Lawn Care

  • Lawn design & installation

  • Lawn mowing

  • Weeding, feeding & lawn care



  • Advice, supply & planting

  • Hedge trimming & pruning

  • Small tree lopping & pruning

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Above all, we are here to serve you, our customers.  We live by a set of values that we believe enables us to treat our people, our customers and our partners the way we like to be treated:


Our Vision


‘To deliver an amazing experience to our people, our customers and our partners.’


Our Purpose


’To beautify the world.’


For our people this means beautifying their world by helping them develop professionally and personally.


For our customers this means beautifying their world through providing stunning gardens and landscapes for their homes and workplaces.


For our shareholders it is giving them a magnificent return on their investment.


For the planet this means running our business in a way that is kind to the environment and ecologically sound.


Our Philosphies


1. Our People


Our company is our people. We care for our colleagues’ health and wellbeing, their personal and professional development and their financial security. We believe that work should be challenging and fun for everyone and through work we contribute to our community.


2. Our Customers


We recognise that our customers always have a choice. Therefore a superior customer service experience, provided with honesty, integrity and a great attitude, is key to our company’s success, as is the gardening experience we provide.


3. Profit


A fair margin resulting in a business profit is the key measure of whether we are providing our customers with products and services they value.

4. Brightness Of Future


We believe our people have the right to see a clear pathway to achieving their career goals. Promotion and transfers from within will always be our first choice.


5. Our Standard Systems - One Best Way


In our business there is always ‘one best way’ to operate. These are standard systems employed universally until a better way is shown. This improved way becomes the ‘one best way system’. We value common sense over conventional wisdom.


6. Taking Responsibility


We take full responsibility for our own success or failure. We do not externalise. We accept that we have total ownership and responsibility, but not always control. As a company we recognise and celebrate our individual and collective successes.


7. Egalitarianism And Unity


In our company, we believe that each individual should have equal privileges and rights. There should be no ‘them and us’.

Evergreen Gardeners vision, purpose and philosophies

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